• Developing Solutions for Strong Property Rights

  • The Bitland digital cadastre platform is functional in one suite of tools, with a user experience that is simple and straightforward


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  • Dispute Resolutions

    Unsatisfactory settlement of disputes can hinder social development and stability. Depending on the nature of the dispute, disputants can select different forms of resolution in the mediating continuum, ranging from negotiation, mediation, arbitration, to adjudication.

    Easy Access

    As the world becomes more connected, working digitally is the norm and parties to legal transactions expect to be able to execute documents in any location, at any time, conveniently, quickly and in a streamlined and secure manner.

    Our technology platforms have the benefit of underlying encryption technology that creates an audit trail to track each step of the process and provides certificates when documents have been executed electronically suitable security features which prevent tampering but best for the authentication of the land title document.

    Economic Impact

    One of the determining factors of the prosperity of a country is the respect and protection it accords to the property rights of its citizens.

    Prosperity and Private property rights are in extricably linked for efficient outcomes and direcectly translates into higher standards of living for all when clearly defined and enforced.


    The security of property allows people to pursue their enterprise to create wealth and properity.

    Credit Acesss

    Access to credit is a practical necessity in today's economy. Much more than a means to make purchases, credit enables individuals and businesses to meet their needs.

    People without credit access have little or no incentive to invest in the properties that they inhabit or use.

    Formalising land tenure alleviates poverty by increasing access to formal credit using title deed as collateral

  • The objective of a land registry reform is to make sure that everybody knows who has ownership and usage rights to a particular plot of land.


    The Ultimate Solution

    Potential buyers will know who the legitimate owner of a plot of land is, lenders can verify ownership for the purpose of collateral security, and the problems with multiple concurrent sales of the same property can be avoided.


    The Bitland process is the next logical step for land administration, using online technology and survey info to verify the accuracy of any plot of land in Ghana.